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Chris Watson - In St Cuthbert's Time - The Sounds of Lindisfarne and the Gospels

Chris Watson, known for his work with Cabaret Voltaire and The Hafler Trio, has also had a very successful career as a field recording artist. With The Sounds of Lindisfarne and the Gospels Watson created a sound installation that attempted to recall the sound of the remote UK island of Lindisfarne – situated on the northwest coast of England, almost up towards Scotland, and also known as "Holy Island" – as it would have sounded around the time of the writing of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

The Gospels is an important text that is held in the collection of the British museum. An illuminated manuscript, and one of the finest examples of its kind, it is believe that the Gospels was written by the monk Eadfrith somewhere in the vicinity of the year 700. Given that was over thirteen hundred years ago, details are a bit hazy.

The installation was created in conjunction with the celebration of the exhibition of the Gospels at Durham University. In St Cuthbert's Time – thankfully ported to album format by the fine folks at Touch Records – is a beautiful, immersive recording that transports the listener to Lindisfarne and then takes one on a journey through each of the four seasons. Titled in some form of Old English – Winter; Lechten; Sumor; and Haefest – each segment is approximately in the 15-minute range.

Being an island where resided not much more than a monastery, the album is rife with the sounds of nature and solitude: bird calls, wind, and water abound. The animals audible throughout the recording include: geese; ducks; swabs; skylarks; plovers; snipe; eider duck; linnet; cuckoo; insects; cattle; terns; yellowhammer; deer stags; grey seals. Bones of the great auk were found on Lindisfarne, but seeing as no recording of the extinct bird exist, they obviously did not make it onto this recording! In addition to the nature and wildlife sounds, the monks make their presence felt in the form of iron bells sounding out a gentle call to prayer.

This album itself, functions as a sort of call to prayer – being a deeply serene and rejuvenating experience from end to end. Watson has created a masterful journey back to medieval times as heard through the ears of a monk on Lindisfarne. A wonderful album for fans of audio art and nature recordings.

Boogat - Romados

This new Boogat track plays to the heartstrings of those familiar with Montreal's Romados Portugese bakery. Another classic Boogat and Poirier collaboration, another classic tribute from these guys to Canada's finest city.

Tezeo - Violet

"Epic" electronic pop. Not so sure about this, but I do like the pan flute type sound which may the Andean folk influence the band speaks about.

Kajsa - Try Try Again (House Mix)

More classic old school house flavour from the Kill Yourself Dancing collection coming out on Still Records. Great piano parts and drum programming. Not so sure about that wobbly string patch, but hey it's maximum vintage material we're talking about here.

Shigeto - Ringleader

Detroit's Shigeto has a new album titled No Better Time Than Now out on Ghostly International. It's been seeing a lot of spins in my iTunes lately. Ringleader is a track off the album. He's set to tour North America soon with other Ghostly artists….

Modern Mechanical Music - Pleasure Dome (House Mix)

Awesome flavour in this serously "old school" house track from the collection The (Lost) Story of AKA Dance Music: Chicago 1987-88.

Etienne de Crécy - We, Computers

No-holds-barred French electronic mayhem from Étienne de Crécy.

Remix it: http://play.beatport.com/contests/etienne-de-crecy-we-computers/

Mingering Mike - A Tribute To Bruce

Mingering Mike - contender for the greatest outsider musician of all time. Shooby Taylor, Jandek, Yahowha…. Mingering is up there with the best of them. A couple of dudes were shopping in a Goodwill when they stumbled on a whole collection of extraordinary hand-drawn record covers including hand-drawn bar codes, liner notes, fake record labels, the whole nine yards. They turned out to be by this chap Mingering Mike. They finally tracked him down and obtained some records, his story and even some recordings. There's a website at http://www.mingeringmike.com/home.html - if features some record covers and information. Here's one of his recordings and it is both curiously odd and awesome as hell.

In Gowan Ring - A Poet's Lyre

On a gentler, more introspective note, In Gowan Ring is in my opinion the finest of all the New Weird Americans, and some of the most beautiful music being made. Helmed by travelling bard B'Eirth, In Gowan Ring features a plethora of obscure forgotten ins

Death Sentence Panda - A+ Cannibal

Wild noisy ride from San Francisco. Features members of Crack War and Total Shutdown

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