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Loner Deluxe - Snow Was Melting, Roads Were Wet

From the brilliant Plinth Tapes mini-CD on Rusted Rail. Mellow electronica with some surprisingly noisy detours.

Wolves In The Throne Room - Hands Pull You Through Purple

I'm not going to sleep easy knowing that the forest-dwelling evil Wolves in The Throne Room is lurking in the shadows just south of here in Olympia, WA.

The Divorce - Yes!

The Divorce is the perfect band for people who love John Huges films. They have that anthemic, ecstatic feeling that you'd get at the end of those 80's teen movies when the underdogs all won out in the end. Think Psychedelic Furs and Icicle Works with a bit of pop-punk thrown in for good measure.

Fern Knight - wolf I

Providence, Rhode Island's Margie Wienk is the magic behind Fern Knight. Beautiful melancholy female vocals and British Isles folk guitars make Fern Knight so wonderful. New Weird America fans take note!

The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous

There should be a new The Streets album out soon, and here's the incredible first single. Skinner's humble self-deprecation in spite of his overwhelming success works nicely… I guess this song is his "Jenny From The Block".

U.S.E. - Vamos a la Playa

United State of Electronica is probably the most cathartic amazing thing to come out of Seattle since Kurt Cobain - their music is 100% filled with joy. Awesome vocoders sit alongside arena rock guitars and female vocals, kick ass drums from a rapping dru

Warbler - Untitled No. 6

Warbler is a great cheercore band from SF. Here's a track from their Dogg Pony album. Kristy from Warbler plays in one of my personal favourites, Lil Pocketknife, they're a twee gangsta rap group with a keytar and a D'n'D fixation.

Marissa Nadler - Under An Old Umbrella

Does your heart swoon at the merest pluck of Joanna Newsom's harp? If you don't already know Marissa Nadler you should check her out. For fans of Joanna Newsom, Shirley Collins and In Gowan Ring. Medieval, witchy, dark, romantic and haunting.

John Vanderslice - Trance Manual

We reviewed the new John Vanderslice, Pixel Revolt recently. It's so deep: the more you listen, the more you hear, and the more it grows on you. A killer album start to finish.

Daylight's For The Birds - To No One

Pitch-perfect shoegazer pop for fans of Asobi Seksu, NYC band Daylight's For The Birds feaures members of On!Air!Library! Album out now: http://www.thisgenerationtapes.com/

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