Left Hip

Baths - Cerulean

Knowing where to begin is the utmost challenge to creating to comment on something as stunning as the Baths’ debut release Cerulean. Among a few of my dream labels, Anticon is in the top 3, so when I read of a new artist on Anticon, I can usually trust that it will be both quality, odd-but-catchy and extremely intelligently arranged music and/or lyrics. Anticon never seems to disappoint a listener like me and usually it is not to my surprise that I will become a fan of any of their ar...

Electric Bird Noise - The Silber Sessions

Despite dozens of appearances with Silber’s acts on compilation albums and live shows, this is officially the very first album released on Silber by Brian McKenzie’s experimental post rock outfit, filtering ten years worth of output into thirteen choice cuts of instrumental madness. With two minuscule tracks as openers it is ‘Proti Village- Meteora-Odeon of Herodes Atticus’ that really begins the album proper, mixing barking dogs, bells and guitar instrumentation to create a unique m...

Atila - Body

Atila is a dark electronic project hailing from Porto Portugal. Body is Atila’s latest full-length release, following on the heels of a series of roman numeral-titled EPs leading up to V their previous work. The product of Miguel Béco – known also for his black metal work under the name Örök – Atila fits somewhere comfortably between genres, incorporating elements of black metal ambience, dark techno, industrial and filmic soundscape into a sonic netherworld that, while not entirely singular,...